Booking Information

If you are considering having live jazz at your event, you have come to the right place. I provide the very best in jazz music played for you by some of the top professional players in the region. The jazz music I provide, from solo guitar to large ensembles, is completely configurable to align with your wishes and budget. What I like to do is talk with the client to get a clear sense of what you have in mind and then organize my jazz group accordingly. For example if you have a relatively small number of guests and are concerned about the music being too loud, a drumless trio or duo is a great option. On the other hand if you want the music to really energize your guests and be more "out front" at your event, including a drummer is often the way to go.

Even the instrumentation can be customized to your wishes. If you love the sound of trombone for example, I can include a wonderful jazz trombonist in the group, or if you would like to have a vocalist, there are several I work with who are all excellent. The point is I am flexible so that I am able put together the best possible jazz music to fit your wishes and your budget. You will be working directly with me the musician rather than going through a booking agent so you will also avoid that added expense and added potential for misunderstandings.

During the last 20 years I have played for hundreds of weddings, corporate functions, and other private events. If you are unsure what would work best or would like help making choices, I am happy to share my experience. I can always suggest what I know has proven to be the most suitable configuration for an event similar to yours. One thing you can be sure of is you will be getting the finest jazz music in the area.

I and my groups are also available for concert settings. I have performed internationally both solo and with my ensembles in concerts and at major jazz festivals.

Please scroll down the page below to find audio and video samplers of many of the configurations I can provide for you. In each of the samplers I have combined short excerpts of several songs in different styles such as swing, bossa, ballads, funky, and bebop to demonstrate the range of jazz music each configuration can play. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Solo Guitar

 Solo jazz guitar is one of my favorite ways of performing. My repertoire includes hundreds of great jazz compositions and tunes from the classic American composers such as Gershwin, Porter, Ellington, Kern, Arlen, Dennis, Rogers and more. I play a mix of swing, ballads, bossa-nova's and anything else I can think of. Solo jazz guitar is perfect for filling a space with lush gentle music that can be heard all around the room without being too loud anywhere.   The video below is a sampler of several tunes showcasing a variety of the kinds of songs you'd hear me performing on solo guitar.

Jazz Trios

The trio is the quintessential jazz configuration. It's a good ensemble for any size of occasion and provides a full sound that can set the ambiance you are looking for without being overbearing. I provide several different trio configurations such as guitar/bass/drums, guitar/sax/bass, or guitar/piano/bass. Substituting the sax for a different horn such as trumpet is available, and some of the horn players I work with play additional instruments such as clarinet or flute as well which provides even greater variety. Including vocals in one of these trios is also an option.

Jazz Quartets

A quartet is a full sounding jazz group and the best choice for larger events, or simply events where you would like the music to be full and varied. If you anticipate a lot of dancing the quartet is a good choice. Just because it's a larger group doesn't mean that the music has to be more intrusive. Of course with more players we are able if asked to play much more out front than say a duo, but many times clients will ask for a quartet for smaller events too simply because they enjoy the sound of music with saxophone and drums. The guitar/horn/bass/drums configuration is the most common quartet I am asked to bring, however guitar/piano/bass/drums is also an option. As with the trios vocals may be included if so desired.

Jazz Duos

The jazz duo is a nice choice for smaller or medium sized events, or when there is a limited budget. I have several configurations I regularly work with: guitar and acoustic bass, guitar and sax, guitar and piano, and even two guitars. Vocals can also be included in the duo format as a couple of the instrumentalists I play with are also great singers. The duo provides a nice full sound for quieter settings or as background music for an event.

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