I teach all levels of jazz guitar to any students who are serious and committed.  My only requirement is a determined enthusiasm for playing jazz music on the guitar. Scheduling can be flexible if needed.   I have a unique teaching method which is focused on simplifying (making it useable) the student's understanding of chords and harmony (theory) and fretboard navigation. "chord melody" is a large component of this system, as is understanding the array of options when improvising and how to make musical choices. . So if you want to learn how to develop melodic jazz phrasing or easily play chord melodies or you feel you are ready to try a fresh perspective to take your playing to the next level then I may be able to help you. I recommend that we arrange a preliminary session where we can audition each other. Contact me to discuss it further.
Lesson Sample

Here is a short lesson on chords and walking bass accompaniment.  The video is a number of years old and done with a webcam so it's not the highest resolution but it has had about half a million views on Youtube and has apparently been quite helpful judging from the comments so I've left it alone.  Regardless, it still serves as a  good example of how a typical "in person" lesson might unfold, but it is also an example of what you would see during a skype lesson.   
Skype Lessons:

When my schedule permits, I am also available for online Skype lessons with students anywhere in the world. The technical requirements for online lessons are:
  • high-speed internet connection
  • a web cam
  • microphone
  • printer
  • band-in-a-box software and/or Loop pedal (not absolutely necessary but very useful)


If you are interested in scheduling or finding out more about Skype lessons, please email me