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On Intention and Reaction 

I play a lot of tennis.  I have often thought about the similarities found in the mindset and decision making between the tennis player and the improvising musician.   On the surface an analogy can be made about the structure of the court (the lines within which the point must be played), and the structure of a song (the form and harmony which defines the particular song being played).   For both the tennis player and the jazz musician, we must play within that fundamental structure, yet within those lines…

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A Fresh Look 

Welcome if you've found my site for the first time and welcome back if you've been here before.  Those in the latter category will have noticed the new look.  This is the first overhaul I've done to my website in about eight or nine years.  It's been long overdo!

I created my first web page back around 1996 when the World Wide Web was just beginning to become accessible to internet users at home.   Back then the design options were pretty limited by the primitive HTML coding.  But the plus side of that was…Read more